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  • 2018. “It is just like having a period with back pain”: Exploring women’s experiences with community-based distribution of misoprostol for early abortion on the Thailand-Burma border. Contraception. (Open access article)

  • 2018. Muftis in the matrix: Comparing English- and Arabic-language Cyberfatwas about emergency contraception. Journal of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies. (Request article)

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  • 2017. The 2018 Inter-Agency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings: Revising the global standards. Reproductive Health Matters. (Open access article)

  • 2017. “Without this program, women can lose their lives”: Migrant women’s experiences with the Safe Abortion Referral Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Reproductive Health Matters. (Open access article)

  • 2016. Establishing a referral system for safe and legal abortion care: A pilot project on the Thailand-Burma border. International Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health. (Request article)

  • 2016. “I came by the bicycle so we can avoid the police”: Factors shaping reproductive health decision-making on the Thailand-Burma border. International Journal of Population Studies. (Open access article)

  • 2016. Snakes, Ladders, and Information about Sexually Transmitted Infections: Evaluation of a Peer Educator Training on the Thailand-Burma Border. Global Journal of Health Science. (Open access article)

  • 2016. Dynamics Shaping Access to Reproductive Health Services in Peri-urban Yangon, Myanmar: A Multi-Methods Study. Global Journal of Health Science. (Open access article)

  • 2016. "She Learned it from her Mother and Grandmother": Women's Experiences with Delivery and Post-Partum Practices in Peri-urban Yangon, Myanmar. Maternal and Child Health Journal. (Request article)

  • 2015. “We can lose our life for the abortion": exploring the dynamics shaping abortion care in peri-urban Yangon, Myanmar. Contraception. (Request article)

  • 2015. "In rape cases we can use this pill": A multimethods assessment of emergency contraception knowledge, access, and needs on the Thailand-Burma border. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. (Open access article)

  • 2015. Assessing the experiences of intra-uterine device users in a long-term conflict setting: a qualitative study on the Thailand-Burma Border. Conflict and Health. (Open access article)

  • 2015. No Exceptions: Documenting the Abortion Experiences of US Peace Corps Volunteers. The American Journal of Public Health. (Request article)


  • 2018. Strategies for protecting and expanding access to misoprostol in the United States. (Full report)

  • 2015. Near the City but Hard to Reach: A Reproductive Health Needs Assessment in Peri-Urban Yangon, Myanmar (Full report)

  • 2015. Establishing a safe abortion referral system for women from Burma residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Results from situation analysis research (Full reportExecutive summary in Burmese)

  • 2014. No Exceptions: Documenting the Abortion Experiences of US Peace Corps Volunteers (Full reportExecutive summary)

  • 2012. Separated by Borders, United in Need: An assessment of reproductive health on the Thailand-Burma border* (Full reportExecutive summary)


* This report was authored by CRHC Principals and Consultants, and was a collaboration between Ibis Reproductive Health and the Global Health Access Program.

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  • 2017. Abortion Pills, Test Tube Babies, and Sex Toys: Emerging Sexual and Reproductive Technologies in the Middle East and North Africa. Vanderbilt University Press. Edited by L. L. Wynn & A. M. Foster. (Link to purchase)

  • 2012. Emergency Contraception: The Story of a Global Reproductive Health Technology. Palgrave MacMillan. Edited by A. M. Foster & L. L. Wynn. (Link to purchase)

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