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Dr. Angel M. Foster is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa where she held the 2011-2016 Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research. A 1996 Rhodes Scholar from Oregon, she received her DPhil in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Oxford. She received her MD from Harvard Medical School and her AM in International Policy Studies from Stanford University. Her research focuses on emergency contraception, abortion, and health professions education and she currently leads projects in fifteen different countries. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the Population, Reproductive, and Sexual Health Section of the American Public Health Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Abortion Federation. She is a co-founder of CRHC.

Cari Sietstra is a specialist in reproductive health and justice issues and non-profit organization management. She earned her JD from Stanford University and her BA from Harvard University. Her current projects focus on decreasing maternal mortality and harm from unsafe abortion among vulnerable Burmese populations living on both sides of the Thailand-Burma border. She was the founder and first Executive Director of Law Students for Choice (now If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice). She is a co-founder of CRHC.


Nancy Chaung is a designer, product developer, and documentary photographer. After switching careers from graphic/web design to fashion design, she spent nearly five years on the Thailand-Burma border combining these skills, working for economic and personal empowerment of migrant Burmese women and youth through art/design-focused social enterprise. While living in Mae Sot, she also designed reports and brochures for various local NGOs. Her photography work can be seen here. She is currently based in New York.

Meredith Walsh is currently practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester, MA. She received her MPH with a focus on International Health and Development from Tulane University and her NP from the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing. She has served as a technical advisor for reproductive health at the Mae Tao Clinic, Burma Medical Association, and Adolescent Reproductive Health Network. Her current work involves conducting translational research and applying evidence-based outcomes to improve the quality of health care for displaced people from Burma. She is co-founder of a non-profit that assists refugees from Burma newly resettled in Worcester, MA.

Dr. L.L. Wynn is an Associate Professor in the Anthropology Department at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She received her PhD in anthropology from Princeton University, where she also held two postdoctoral research positions. Her current research is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant and focuses on new and emerging reproductive health technologies in Egypt, including emergency contraception and hymenoplasty.

Professor Michelle Oberman is an internationally recognized scholar on the legal and ethical issues surrounding adolescence, pregnancy and motherhood. Professor Oberman's current research focuses on reproductive health and abortion regulation in countries with widely divergent abortion laws. Her work in El Salvador, along with other countries and a range of US jurisdictions, informs her 2018 book, Her Body, Our Laws: On the Frontlines of the Abortion War from El Salvador to Oklahoma, about what will and won’t happen if abortion becomes illegal in the U.S. 

Stephanie Kraft Sheley is an attorney and advocate for reproductive justice in Missouri and Illinois. She focuses on developing full-spectrum legal and practical supports for young pregnant people. She earned her JD and MHA from the University of Iowa. Her original comic appears in Comics for Choice: Illustrated Abortion Stories, History, and Politics (2018).


Kassandre Messier is a 2019-2020 CRHC Research Fellow based in Ottawa, Canada. She completed her Honour’s Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ottawa and is now a second year master’s student in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. She is currently working on a number of international projects focusing on abortion care in humanitarian settings. She is interested in establishing new programs and initiatives to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Global South. 

Ieman Mona El-Mowafi is a 2016-2019 CRHC Research Fellow based in Amman, Jordan. She completed her Honour’s Bachelor’s in Health Sciences degree at the University of Ottawa, Canada in 2016.  She has worked on multiple projects focused on women’s reproductive health, including a study documenting women’s experiences obtaining abortion care in Prince Edward Island. Her passion for reproductive health has led her to pursue a project in working to improve Syrian women’s access to emergency contraception in both the Za’atari refugee camp and urban communities in Jordan. She is currently completing her MSc in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa.

Srishti Hukku is a 2018-2020 CRHC Research Fellow based in Ottawa, Canada. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the University of Ottawa’s Population Health program. Ms. Hukku is a dedicated scholar and former recipient of the Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. She has undertaken comparative research internationally focusing on the welfare state and health systems of Canada and Sweden. Her current research interests include the role of disruptive technologies in reproductive health, reproductive autonomy, reproductive issues in minority communities, infertility and assisted human reproduction. Outside of academia, Ms. Hukku is a two-time recipient of the Canadian Public Service Award of Excellence, the highest recognition given to a public servant in Canada, for innovation and exceptional leadership. Ms. Hukku holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Queen’s University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from McMaster University.

Luisa Marval is a 2018-2020 CRHC Research Fellow. She received her Honour’s Bachelor Health Sciences degree in 2017 from the University of Ottawa, where she is currently completing a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. Luisa has supported a variety of sexual and reproductive health projects over the last four years, including the Canada Abortion Provider Hospital Study and a project on the efficacy and safety of medication abortion drugs at 28 to 35 days gestation. In addition, she has partnered with a Venezuelan feminist advocacy organization to conduct a project on women's experiences with an abortion telemedicine service. Luisa is passionate about improving sexual and reproductive health in low-resource settings, specifically in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Dr. Eduard Niesten has over 15 years of experience providing economics and finance support to non-profit organizations in more than 30 countries around the world. He holds a PhD in applied economics from Stanford University. He serves as the Director of Finance of CRHC.

Kathryn LaRoche is a PhD student in Population Health at the University of Ottawa, Canada. She is interested in action-oriented, qualitative research related to sexual health. More specifically, her work has focused on exploring issues of abortion access and post-abortion support for women in Canada and abroad. At CRHC, she serves as the Operations Manager and is responsible for the maintenance and updating of this website.

Board of Directors

Angel M. Foster, DPhil, MD, AM (President)

Cari Sietstra, JD (Vice President)

Abigail Aiken, PhD, MD, MPH

Frances Hsieh, JD, MBA

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